The Influence of Technology

The Influence Of Technology
Good morning all.
first, I really thankful for god, who has given me health, so I can stand in this speech contest. Many thanks to all judges who have given me the opportunity to tell you about my speech here. And thank you very much to all audience.

My name is Fransiscus I am a contestan from SMPN 1 Dusun Tengah Ampah
ladies and gentleman
I want to tell you about “The Influence of Technology” in my speech

Previously, we have to know “what is tecnology meant?”. Technology has many definitions, but in general the technology can be interpreted as a way of making or doing something related to science and science the influence of technology are divided into two, negative and positive influence

negative influence:
For example
– people become lazy because of dependence on technology
– some technology causes air pollution
– Internet is used to access porn sites

Positive Influence:
-Technology can help us to do many things
For example
– lamps for lighting
– telephone for communicate
and much more

Ladies and gentleman,
“How to overcome the negative influence of technology?”

The answer is, “let’s use environmentally friendly technology from now”

In the end, I ask you to utilize the best technology to positive influence and don’t abuse the technology to negative influences.

I think this the end of my speech. I wish we can meet in other change
Thank you very much.


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