Pidato tentang Global Warming

Good morning ladies and gentleman and all my friends
thanks for all judge, who have given me opportunity
Thanks for all my friends, who have given me many support, so I cand stand here
First I would like to thank the teachers and all my friends who have given me the opportunity to make a speech on this day.
On this day I will make a speech about global warming.
Do you know what is global warming?
Okay, maybe some many already knew it because of global warming is something that many in the news on television and the media. 

Ladies and Gentleman, We know global warming is a serious problem the world than in developing countries and developed countries. Global warming is currently very often we hear on television and the media. Global warming is the increase in atmospheric temperature of sea and land. This stage will lead to changes in sea levels, weather, and much more. 

With the rising temperature of the atmosphere, global warming could affect agriculture, plants, animals and all life will be destroyed.
We also know that all energy sources that we can initially by the sun.
The atmosphere is reduced immunity due to global warming will penetrate the very heat wave radiation from the sun. When this energy on the earth’s surface, then the entire surface of the earth will turn into heat and destroy many things, such as communication systems and life.

With temperatures average 15 degrees Celsius, the earth has actually been 33 degrees Celsius warmer by greenhouse effect. So that the ice that will be able to cover all the ground on the north and south poles will melt slowly and will flood the entire surface of the earth.
Earth’s climate will be more dangerous, natural disasters will be more lively place.

Detailed study of global warming that has been actively carefully is that the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to human activity caused most of the warming observed since the beginning of the industrial era. This attribution is clear for the past 50 years, of which the most detailed data. Rising seas on earth is one of the direct effects of global warming. Body of research says that if greenhouse gases are stabilized at the level of 2000, further warming of about 0.5 degrees Celsius will still occur.
No effect is momentary, but it will last very long.

From all this we can conclude that Global Warming is very harmful and dangerous.

Now we ask, how to cope with global warming can we do?
Okay, I’ll answer it. A very easy way to protect the health and economic well-being of present and future generations from the threat of global warming is that we must reduce our emissions from the use of fuel, electricity, and motor vehicles.

Alternatively, namely by planting trees in vacant areas, doing reforestation in the city, and using environmentally friendly vehicles. This is very helpful for recovery from the effects of global warming, because this way we can reduce the amount of solar radiation entering the earth’s surface, melting of polar ice that is on, and we can protect this generation and in the future.

thus my speech about global warming, hopefully to increase the knowledge of friends, and I hope we can struggle together to overcome this problem of global warming for future generations are protected from its effects.

Thank you, see you next time and GO GREEN

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